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Whether you work in pre-admission, pre-anaesthesia / anaesthetic nursing, day surgery, general or specialist PACU (post anaesthesia care unit/recovery room), don’t miss this incredible opportunity to share professional knowledge, research and best practice strategies related to perianaesthesia* nursing. Panel discussion, workshops, poster and formal presentations will allow maximum exchange of ideas.

The conference goal is to reflect diversity and shared PACU practice around the globe

The programme themes focus on using evidence to improve the quality of patient care during anaesthesia and the PACU

• Initiatives in the clinical care of a patient undergoing anaesthesia • Initiatives in clinical management of the PACU patient • Managing the PACU: policies, procedures, people • Research and its application to practice • Education and mentorship in the PACU • Quality assurance and audit in action

Specific topics requested for Dublin include, but are not limited to:

Sleep Apnoea Paediatric Care Pain Management Use of Capnography Complex Case Management Autonomous Advanced Practice Postoperative nausea and vomiting Malignant Hyperpyrexia/Hyperthermia

Speakers [oral] abstracts submission deadline: 12th October 2012 Poster abstract submission deadline: 12th April 2013

Submission forms for speaker / poster abstracts will be available shortly.

For general enquiries about the education program contact Education@icpanconference.com

*Perianaesthesia nursing care includes: preadmission, day of surgery admission, pre-anaesthesia / anaesthetic nursing, post anaesthesia [recovery] phases 1 [PACU/Recovery Room], phase 2 [Day surgery, Ambulatory Care] and Extended Observation Post Anaesthesia

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Citywest Hotel, Dublin


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