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Friday 20Dr. Ellen O'SullivanLessons Learned from the National Audit Project 4Click here
Friday 20Jamie Mann FarrarCan't Intubate, Can't Oxygenate, Converging Practice Down-UnderClick here
Friday 20Shoshi Klein A Problem Orientated Application for Peri-Anaesthetic CareClick here
Friday 20 Kim LitwackPain Assessment Across the Life SpanClick here
Friday 20Owen AshwellThe Implementation of a Nurse-led Vascular Access ServiceN/A
Friday 20Paula ForanMalignant Hyperthermia - A case History ApproachClick here
Friday 20 Aileen O'BrienNational Clinical Programme in AnaesthesisClick here
Friday 20Cheryl TurzanskiRegional Anaesthesia, From Past to Present and BeyondClick here
Friday 20Maureen McLoughlinCapnography in your PACU, Implications for PerianaesthesiaClick here
Friday 20Pamela WindleShould PACU be an extended ICU overflow area?N/A
Friday 20 Kathy HealyParent's Information Needs for Same Day Surgery, A Research PaperClick here
Saturday 21Jan Odom-ForrenNausea and Vomiting in the Ambulatory Surgery PopulationClick here
Saturday 21Theofanis PhotisCost and Effectiveness Comparison of the Airway ManagementClick here
Saturday 21Kristine WyattMobile Preadmission Meeting Diverse Needs Click here
Saturday 21Amanda Zakrzewski
Ina Cherepaha-Kantorovich
From Tunnel Vision to Inter-professional VisionariesClick here
Saturday 21Laserina O'ConnorA Chain of Evidence for Opioid and Nonopioids in the PACU SettingClick here
Saturday 21Allan J. V. CresenciaPediatric Syndromes and their Conundrums Click here
Saturday 21Kim NobleCare of the PeriAnaesthetic with Renal DiseaseClick here
Saturday 21Lara HenningsenCPAP from Intermittent to ContinuousClick here
Saturday 21Adam TompkinsPreoperative Assessment for ChildrenClick here
Saturday 21Phyllis MeskoCaring for the Patient with Autism Spectrum DisorderClick here
Sunday 22Meg BumpsteadDeveloping a Self Directed Learning Package for Laryngeal Mask Airway ManagementClick here
Sunday 22Karen KaneProviding Care for Conjoined Twins in teh Post Anaesthetic Care UnitClick here
Sunday 22Karina JakobsenPEEP and ComplianceClick here
Sunday 22Linda White & Lori HarrisCross Training the Paediatric Perioperative Care TeamClick here
Sunday 22Maram Alnemer
Maryam AlKhdrawi
Sahar Alkhaibari
Titta Holopainen Wright
Integration of Saudization in Post Anesthesia Nursing in Saudi ArabiaClick here
Sunday 22Elizabeth CardIncidence and Risk Factors for Emergence and PACU DeliriumClick here
Sunday 22Denise O'BrienPerianaesthesia Nursing Quality Indicators: Can we name what we do and measure outcomesClick here
Sunday 22Maria KapritsouFast-track vs conventional Recovery ProgramN/A
Sunday 22Kathy SherryObesity and the Surgical PatientClick here
Sunday 22 Pauline WorsfoldRecovery Room Nursing in EcuadorN/A
Sunday 22 Laserina O'ConnorClosing Keynote Who's Who in Perianaesthesia Nursing Challenges for the FutureClick here

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